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I know what it feels like to have the desire to write but not much else. This is the writer’s membership site I always wanted for training, connections and community but couldn’t find.

So, I created COMPEL Training just for you.

Welcome home. 


Does your writing need direction?

We’re giving you The 7 Secrets You Need to Know as a New Writer for free! Gain insight and wisdom from authors and bloggers who get it. 

COMPEL addresses all your writing needs ...

You need a community of people who get you.

We’ll introduce you.

Every writer needs support and encouragement … someone to remind you that you’ve got what it takes! That’s why we’ve centered our writer training around community, in our private Facebook community group called The Connection Courtyard.

You need writing instruction that will set you apart as a writer today.

We’ve got the best there is.

You need readers.

We’ve got millions of them.

You need a plan for taking your next steps as a writer. 

We’ve got that.

You need advice from people successfully doing what you want to do.

We provide that.

You need information about the publishing industry.

We give you the inside scoop.

You need opportunities to write.

We help you find them.

  • One year ago I was waiting to sign a book contract. Thanks to COMPEL, I have walked the road of traditional publishing. If you are thinking of writing a book, COMPEL Training might be just the thing you are looking for to help you reach your goal!

    Micah M
    Micah M
  • Before COMPEL, I haphazardly wrote my musings and stumbled upon blogging, not knowing what I was doing. After COMPEL, I had a plan and a strategy for my writing. COMPEL refined and defined my calling. Honing the gift that God has given and finding a community to spur one another on have been huge wins that COMPEL has brought to my writing career. But the biggest accomplishment has been the publishing of two trade books. I am convinced that my books would not have been published because COMPEL provided the mentoring, wisdom and practical help to enable me to write and finish my books.

    Denise P
    Denise P
  • My writing critique group and the COMPEL teachings have kept me focused and fine ­tuning my work. My progress used to be somewhat hit or miss; now I'm on a steadier trajectory. One of my devotions was selected for Proverbs 31's Encouragement for Today, and I've been asked to prepare a guest post for First 5, as well as having a proposal requested by a publisher for my idea on writing Bible studies.

    Shirley A
    Shirley A
    New Jersey
  • One of the important takeaways I have gained from COMPEL is that I am not in this alone. To know I am involved with a community of women who have a similar calling on their life is deeper encouragement than I ever imagined.

    Alyssa W
    Alyssa W

I’m Lysa TerKeurst, President of Proverbs 31 Ministries, founder of COMPEL Training and a five-time New York Times’ bestselling author. I developed COMPEL training because here’s what I know…

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Does your writing need direction?

We’re giving you The 7 Secrets You Need to Know as a New Writer for free! Gain insight and wisdom from authors and bloggers who get it. 



A Simple Starting Place

If you feel stalled in your writing, we can help. Whether you’re a beginner or have a few years of experience behind you, everyone can use a little direction at times. At COMPEL, we make it simple and help you identify what you need to take the next best step on your writing journey. As you gain more confidence, we’ve got a library of training content to explore.

A Weekly Gathering Spot

Every Wednesday, we gather on the Connection Courtyard, a private Facebook page, to learn from professionals who are experiencing success and making a difference. They’ll share their secrets and answer your questions in real time. It’s a great place to connect with other members and get recharged in your writing.

A Crowd of Friends

Writing is lonely … most days it’s just you, the screen and maybe a cat. At COMPEL, we’ll introduce you to other members who will quickly become your people. You’ll not only make friends, but you’ll develop a community who will support you each step along your writing journey. And they’ll probably be willing to endorse your first book too!

An Audience and Opportunities

We know how hard it is to get your foot in the publishing door. That’s why we’ve kicked it open for you! At COMPEL, we share opportunities throughout the year for you to be published in front of our millions of readers at Proverbs 31 Ministries. It’s all Kingdom work and we love to share it.

Join Our Community

Members have 24/7 access to COMPEL and consistently have the opportunity to learn new things in the areas of most interest to them.