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Writing with Power and Grace

Writing with Power and Grace is a four-lesson course in which Ann Swindell will walk us through utilizing language and writing techniques so that our writing sings with the hope of the Gospel—all while powerfully engaging our...

Do you want to be a successful blogger?

Pursue your writing dreams in 2019 with COMPEL's free blogging webinar!  Sign up for our free webinar on WordPress, called “Blogging Basics: What You Need to Know.” This webinar will help answer all your questions and get you closer to...

Freelance: Adding a Little Extra

When we think about writing an article, we often limit it to the article itself. Did you know that many markets also seek shorter ancillary pieces?

In today’s Tuesday Tip, we’ll explore what it means when a magazine requests...

Writing Well About Spiritual Experiences

In this lesson, Ann walks us through utilizing tactile techniques that will draw the reader into your spiritual experience rather than leaving her feeling left out or confused.  

Movement and Flow

Ann discusses how knowing what type of writing you are engaging in can better help you to craft a piece that stays fresh and purposeful at every turn.

A Spiritually Hospitable Writer

In this lesson, Ann will share practical ways that we can pull out the welcome mat for our readers. Learn how to offer your reader spiritual on-ramps with winsomeness and honesty.

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