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Using Verbs for Variety and Vividness

How can the hard-working verb can transform your writing from so-so to stunning? In this lesson, Glynnis shows you how to spot weak verbs, how to identify passive writing and how the right verb can help eliminate wordiness.

Punctuation Review: Part Two

In this second-part, Glynnis reviews seven of the 14 common punctuation marks such as dashes, parentheses and ellipses. Be prepared for a practical lesson with immediate application to your writing.

Punctuation Review: Part One

Here, Glynnis reviews six of the 14 common punctuation marks. After watching this lesson, you’ll feel confident in the order of question marks and quote marks and whether or not to put a comma before the “and” in...

How to Self-Edit

In this lesson, Glynnis Whitwer will give you a list of what to look for so you can edit your own work like a seasoned professional.

Succeeding at that Interview

You’ve landed a contract for a profile article. It’s based on the story of a local hero. Of course, you have already discussed this with this person. You’ve talked with them about their story and asked permission, but...

Ways to Get Your Message into the World

You've arrived at our newest course! Each week a new lesson will be unlocked, every Thursday, from February 14th to March 28th
Has God placed a message on your heart to write about but you have no idea...

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